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We understand the sacred and delicate nature of visiting holy sites on an organized tour. So much of your experience depends on the attitudes, philosophies and motivations of the people organizing the tour and those directing the experience.

Our expertise is in providing sacred and meaningful experiences at various scriptural sites throughout the world. The Anderson Tours story began with Dr. A. Gary Anderson, who taught Religion in the Church History department at Brigham Young University for 25 years. He was an extraordinary man with a unique ability to touch lives. During his time at BYU he directed several LDS tours for the BYU Travel Study program and allowed his family to travel with him on multiple occasions. They were inspired as they had personal, spiritual experiences at sacred places while visiting Israel, Egypt, and American and Church History sites. Gary’s passion for the Spirit of Place was contagious, and all nine Anderson children came to appreciate the value and power of being “on site” while learning of the sacred events of the scriptures.

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Dec 22nd - Dec 31st (Israel)

Feb 11th - Feb 18th (Cruise)

Apr 2nd - Apr 9th (Cruise)

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